Lite•Touch Zoom 120ED

Key Features

  • World's smallest, lightest 3.2x zoom compact camera with sliding lens cover*
  • 38-120mm zoom lens
  • Nikon ED glass and aspherical lens elements
  • Wide-Area Passive AF
  • Versatile built-in flash with four flash modes: Auto Flash, Flash Cancel, Anytime Flash, and Slow Sync
  • Red-Eye Reduction selectable in any flash mode
  • Macro capability as close as 70cm (2.5 ft.) at 38mm [W] or 80cm (2.6 ft.) at 120mm [T]
  • Focus Lock and Infinity Focus
  • Self-timer and optional remote control
  • Lite-Touch Zoom 120ED QD features built-in Panorama (13.3 x 36 mm) mode and data imprinting
  • Successors of this camera are Nikon Lite-Touch Zoom 130ED (2002) and Nikon Lite-Touch Zoom 150ED (2002).
  • *As of Jun. 15, 2000.