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Simple computer software for worry-free tethered photography

NX Tether is a PC application that covers all the basic functions required for tethered shooting. Its minimal, simple UI offers easy and intuitive operation. It is designed with features that will satisfy the demands of professional photographers. These include notification of errors via sound and display, and smooth collaboration with related post-processing applications. As it is free of charge, simply install it for a trial to experience its outstanding usability.

NX Tether Download
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High operability achieved via a simple-layout user interface with basic functions for tethered shooting.

Features the same operation icons utilized in Nikon digital camera interfaces, supporting intuitive operation.

The operation panel can be minimized, enabling images to be viewed with less distraction.

Supports a function that notifies users of transmission errors via sound and display.

Works with both NX Studio and software such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Capture One.